13 marzo 2007


  • Day #1, 6PM. I go back to the hotel, starving. Shocker: nothing to eat around. I open the forbiden minibar and a Snickers bar starts to lure me from the bottom of the drawer. I give in to temptation. That same night, Mark and myself set out on a quest to find a Snickers bar to replace the M.I.A. one. That shouldn´t be a problem. I´ve seen them around before. Lots of times. Or have I? We go to bed tired and frustrated from not having found one. Mark laughes his ass off.
  • Day #2, noon, "I should have put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. At that point I was willing to pay the price of an unmade bed so that they would notice that the bar was gone.
  • Day #2, 6PM, the very second I go back into my hotel room, I open the minibar, Joy: they haven´t realized that it was missing. I have an extra day to replace it. I look up the Snickers bar in the price list R$8,00... Eight freaking reales!!! Now I am on a mission, more so than ever before. I refused to pay that price for a Snickers bar. Even more exhausted than before I go to bed empty handed, and hearing Mark´s laughter from down the hall. Damn you Przybylski!
  • Day #3, 6PM, the hotel staff realized that the Snickers bar was missing and they replaced it. FUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!
  • Day #6, 5PM, on one of our usual Skol raids, we ended up in WalMart, where, to my disbelief, we found Snickers bars. I was begining to believe that they were a mere joke that my mind was playing on me. I bought 3 of those bad boys.
  • Day #12, Check Out Time: They never billed me for that f---ing Snickers.

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